Elsa Majimbo Dismisses Trending in Kenya as Irrelevant

Californian-based comedian Elsa Majimbo is trending in Kenya again. This comes after a tweet the comedian shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) received numerous reactions from Kenyans online.

Majimbo wished all the dark-skinned women well and advised them to go to places where their skin color was appreciated. She went on to point out that ever since moving to America she has gotten numerous opportunities for Magazine covers and would not be able to get a meager advertisement deal while in Kenya due to her skin color.

“Hoping the dark-skinned babes go where they are appreciated. In America, I’m shooting magazine covers, and in Kenya, I wouldn’t make a betting sports ad. What a joke.”

Later on, after sharing that tweet, she added another claiming that trending in Kenya was of the least relevance to her. This led to a lot of harsh comments and responses to her tweet from Kenyans, which she responded to.

“I don’t know who lied to y’all, but trending in Kenya is not my idea of being relevant.”

Elsa’s recent tweets seem to have been inspired by the comments she received from a recent post she made on her TikTok page. In the comments, certain Kenyans commented on her skin color while others questioned her nationality.

The Kenyan-born then made it clear her stance on such comments on her skin color from Kenyans. Addressing the comments, she pointed out that ever since she moved to the United States, she had not encountered a colorist comment made so casually.

“Been living in America for 3 years, not a single person has ever made such a colorist comment so casually. Disgusting”

Elsa rose to fame back in 2020 when one of her videos went viral in South Africa. Ever since she has shared, she felt more supported in South Africa than in her home country. She has shared severally that she was a victim to colorism while in Kenya.

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Written by Bushnell

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