Trouble In Paradise for Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa?

A local gossip site first broke the story that Pascal and Grace had split. It was not until hours later that other publications claimed to have proof of the two public figures having trouble in their marriage, so much so that they had gone their separate ways.

Last year, rumors of Kate Actress and Phil Director started doing rounds that their marriage was in the rocks and that they were separated. However, the two posted a series of photos together to dismiss the rumors. Months later, they both released a shared statement on their divorce.

According to sources from a local media publication, the celebrated actor Pascal Tokodi and former NTV CrossOver host Grace Ekirapa have been living apart. Pointing out that the breaking point happened in November 2023.

The couple got married in an intimate wedding back in October 2020. The wedding was an invite-only one with very few guests close to the couple. The couple has since come to expand their family by welcoming a child.

The couple has been known for posting ‘couple goals’ posts that present a perfect marriage. Like most marriages, the two have had their share of troubles despite the well-curated couple posts they share on their pages.

The sources shared that financial strain is the main cause of marriage trouble in their relationship. The two have tried maintaining a lavish lifestyle due to their public figure status with only one source of income from Pascal.

“Pascal and Grace have not been living together for two months now. They parted ways last November. Pascal moved back to Karen where he had been living before they met, and Grace remained in Limuru where they have been living together.” According to the source whose identity was held back by the media publication, however, insisted that the source attended the wedding and was close to the couple.

The source shared that Grace had a problem with Pascal’s friends to the extent that he had to cut off communication with most of his friends, the source being one of them. The source added that Grace was also against Pascal doing the King Kaka collaboration, arguing that they were exploiting him.

“Pascal and I are super close and he said he preferred to buy a cheaper whip, but Grace advised they get a bigger machine. That’s how Pascal took a loan and purchased a Mazada CX-5 at Ksh 1.9 million. He is still servicing the loan.”

According to the source, Grace wanted to move from Kitengela to Limuru and that was costly because they had to end up renovating the house they moved to. The source points out that the pressure was on Pascal to maintain their expensive lifestyles since Grace was a stay-at-home wife.

The couple has supposedly responded to the rumors when asked individually. Pascal claimed that they are doing well while Grace said she was not comfortable talking about her marriage with anyone from outside her circle.

Uliza Links is yet to verify the unnamed source and their allegations.


Written by Bushnell

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