Elsa Majimbo, the New Lori Harvey

US-based Kenyan comedian, Elsa Majimbo is being vulnerable with the world and sharing why and how she broke up with her then-boyfriend DJ Hkeem. The two became Instagram official last year when Elsa shared a series of photos of the two of them on her pages.

In a video that Elsa published, she narrates why and how she dumped DJ Hkeem. According to Elsa, after attending Coachella she had to fly out to Miami to attend a function where she was speaking on one of the panels.

On the second day of her stay in Miami, she went to where the panel was being held. She explained that they needed to put a mic on her but her outfit was not the best choice for mic support. Elsa was then asked if she would have the mic on her inner garments to which she agreed.

According to Elsa, they went into a room where the man who was to mic her walked in with her raised her dress, grabbed her inner garments, and placed the mic on her. The comedian shared how shocked and furious she was by the incident.

After the panel discussion, Elsa said she got to her room and immediately called her then-boyfriend to explain the incident that happened. To which he responded that it was probably because the person putting the mic on her, assumed she was flirting.

“So I get on the phone and call my boyfriend and explain to him what happened and he says maybe he thought you were flirting with him. I said listen, I’m going to hang up this phone and you will never hear from me again.”

Reacting to his response, Elsa told DJ Hkeem that he would not be hearing from her ever again. According to Elsa, the two have not spoken ever since. Lori Harvey is also assumed to be a woman who would not be with a man who would not match her standards, creating the term I am the prize.

Written by Bushnell

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