Video of Alpha Mwanamtule Assaulting His Wife Leaks Online

Back in the days of our African forefathers, some communities believed that it was normal and necessary sometimes for a man to beat his wife when she did wrong. Fast forward to the 21st century, it is considered barbaric by most cultures yet some people still engage in violent acts.

Singer Alpha Mwana Mtule was caught on camera beating his wife. In the undated video, the artist and his wife are seen in a tense altercation. To help prevent the already seemingly tense situation, some men stepped in to stop the fight.

Alpha recently confirmed that he does beat his wife. According to him, he dims it necessary at times. He mentioned that his wife had started revealing some bad habits early on in the marriage that were concerning.

Alpha recently got discharged from the hospital after well-wishers helped raise and clear his medical fees. He claims that his wife might have had a hand in him being in that state. Adding that after she posted him, the wife denied any involvement with him to her baby daddy.

“My wife ndio alinifanya nikajipata hospitali. Akipost picha yangu akiandika best husband. Kidogo kidogo baby daddy yake akaamuliza ni nani, akaniruka. Akasema mimi ni content creator nakujanga tu.”

Last year, Kenyan singer Avril shared photos of herself badly bruised online tagging her baby daddy, J Blessings. According to Avril, she had been quiet long enough about J Blessing beating her, to the point she had to seek medical assistance.

Domestic violence is not easily talked about in modern society due to the stigma attached to it. Both men and women who are victims of domestic violence mostly speak up and seek assistance long after the damage is done.

Written by Bushnell

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