Late Nigerian Preacher T.B Joshua Exposed for Dubious Church Scandals

As the dust settles in Kenya after the discovery of alleged cult leader Paul Makenzie a documentary by BBC has revealed another questionable preacher. The now infamous late Nigerian Preacher Temitope Balogun Joshua better known as T.B Joshua has been exposed.

The once-renowned pastor of one of the biggest churches in Africa is making headlines worldwide after being exposed to numerous crimes—twenty years of scandals, fake miracles, sexual abuse, financial corruption, and torture.

His phony activities were not only by former church members but by his former employees and his daughter as well. According to the BBC expose, the Nigerian Pastor who was widely adored had committed sexual crimes on a mass scale.

The Nigerian mega-church Synagogue Church of All Nations was popular globally. Many Christians flocked to the church in need of healing, financial breakthrough, and deliverance among other spiritual needs.

According to the expose, the late pastor who died back in 2021 at the age of 57 was involved in heinous activities like abuse, cruelty, torture, and scams for around 20 years. With his daughter reaching out to the BBC network to expose him for his despicable acts.

His daughter who dropped the name Joshua and has been living in hiding was also a victim to her father’s cruelty. The now 27-year-old lady narrated it all however BBC did not reveal her name for her safety.

The investigation done by BBC took over two years and found eyewitness accounts of torture and physical abuse like people chained, and whipped, and instances of child abuse. Women claimed they were raped for years inside the compound by T.B. Joshua.

Numerous child terminations were reported with one woman claiming to have had five terminations due to multiple rapes by Joshua. There were also multiple accounts of the rogue pastor faking miracles that were broadcast around the world.

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Written by Bushnell

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