Kanjo Lady Claims She Is Too Beautiful To Listen To Gengetone Music

Gloria Ntazola popularly known as Kanjo Lady is trending again after her remarks about Gengetone music. She went viral back in 2023 when she had a confrontation with a Nairobi City Council officer who she found in her car.

According to Kanjo Lady, she is too beautiful to listen to Gengetone music. Her remarks led to mixed reactions amongst netizens considering the immense growth of the genre. Not only in Kenya but globally.

“I don’t listen to Kenyan music because there is nothing to listen to. With my beautiful face o should listen to Gengetone? No. Very lazy musicians cannot invest in their art. Let’s stick to running. Heri niskize wimbo za waluhya kuliko Gengetone.”

Gengetone is now a category in the Grammy Awards which gives the Gengetone artists an opportunity for global recognition. The genre also has a new sub-genre called Genge Arbun, a mix of sheng’ and beats from popular music back in the day.

Kanjo Lady claims that Gengetone music lacks substance and depth in the lyrics. This is concern has been raised in the past. Most Gengetone music trends have lyrics that are considered shallow and sometimes indecent.

She goes on to add that the artists put little investments in the making of their music videos. The quality of videos has also been discussed in the Kenyan music industry, with other industry players mocking the Kenyan music video qualities.

This led to the eruption of the term play Kenyan music. An initiative by a Kenyan artist who claimed that the other players in the Kenyan music industry like DJs, radio, and even fans preferred to listen to international music rather than their very own local artists.

Written by Bushnell

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