Most Streamed African Films From Netflix

African content is getting more and more worldwide recognition. With artists like Rema receiving Grammy Awards, Sauti Sol selling out tickets in their worldwide tour, getting roles in Marvel, and having movies and TV series getting millions of streams.

2023 saw the release of groundbreaking films on the streaming service Netflix. Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa take the film industry by storm with their production and acting excellence.

Dominating the screens from South Africa were the TV series Unseen, Blood and Water, and Young Famous & African while from Nigeria there was Far From Home and Shanty Town. With the most streamed Nollywood film being Shanty Town and the South African film being Unseen.

Unseen, is a film about a maid trying to locate her husband who got freed from prison. She discovers her husband was involved with some dangerous people and gets involved in her quest to be reunited with her husband.

Unseen held the 229th position globally with 60 million viewing hours while Shanty Town had 27.3 million viewing hours according to Netflix’s biannual report covering January to June 2023.

Written by Bushnell

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