Abel Mutua Critics Media House Over Revenue From Netflix Deal

Mkurugenzi also known as Abel Mutua is an angry man after one of the media outlets in Kenya allegedly published inaccurate figures for how much he and Phil Director had made from the Netflix deal they had for their movie, Click, Click Bang.

According to the media outlet, Phil Director and Abel Mutua were reportedly going to make Ksh 8.8 million from Netflix re-airing their film. Abel demanded a retraction of the statement and called them out for not verifying with him.

Abel Mutua and Phil Director

“Where did you get these figures from? Who has even talked to you about anything? Style up manze. You of all people should know better. Take down this nonsense please.”

The award-winning Kenyan film by Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja is set to premiere on Netflix. Making this Phil It Production’s first film on Netflix. The 2022 film is based on a true story about a young footballer who turned into a criminal.

In just two days, Abel Mutua speaking at Radio Citizen during an interview revealed that according to the Click Click Bang team, they had earned more than 2.5 million Kenyan shillings from the release of the film.

Abel Mutua pointed out that the film was already breaking records in Kenya in just two days after its release. The film is by Phil It Productions, that is founded by Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja.

The story in the film is about Abel’s childhood friend who had a promising football career ahead of him but unfortunately got involved in crime. It shows how the police hit him to further crime instead of stopping and protecting him.


Click, Click Bang

Abel shared that around 2,500 Kenyans had paid Ksh 1000 to watch the film during the three days that it was set to air back in July.

“Kenyans turned out in such large numbers, we have four screenings and we had 2500 people. That has never happened in this country before. We have shattered the record there. There is no better feeling than that.”

Abel went on to share that the production was targeting 6 million Kenya shillings that was to cater to the production cost including paying the actors as well as planning to invest in their next movie.

“I know consistency will take us to the next level, and with that said, the next film is already in the works. We will meet again in November.”

Abel shared that they were planning to take the screening to different counties for the people who could not make it to Nairobi for the screening as well as create a watch link that would also be put up for sale.


Written by Bushy

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