Matt Redman (10,000 Reasons) “Celebrates” 15 Years In Marriage

The ‘10,000 Reasons’ artist gushed about his anniversary earlier in JUNE on Twitter saying”Celebrating 15 years married to the gorgeous & inspiring @BethRedman. Happy anniversary – you’re as bright & beautiful as you ever were!”

Matt and Beth Redman

Beth returned the compliment with the addition of a cute nickname, tweeting, “HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY to the most amazing, incredible PURE GOLD husband!!! Love you Redders!!!!!”

The couple has had a lovely journey over the years, writing music together and creating some of Redman’s most successful songs as a team. These songs include, ‘Blessed Be Your Name,’ ‘You Never Let Go,’ ‘Face Down,’ and ‘Let My Words Be Few.’

In an interview with the 700 club in 2009, Redman explained that his wife is always there to help him when he has trouble writing music. “My wife Beth, she’s amazing, she just comes in, and she won’t come for very long. There’s a song on the [2010] album, ‘This Is How We Know,’ sung about the cross…I’d been three months going around the houses, you know, try this bit, I try that, couldn’t find a chorus. She comes in, hears it, we finish the song in 45 minutes,” he said. “So we’re a good little team, we’ve written ‘Blessed Be Your Name’ together, and God’s really blessed me to be living with a fantastic songwriter… We’ve had a great time writing together.”

In their 15 years of marriage, Redman and Beth have brought five children into the world, Maisey, Noah, Rocco, Jackson and Levi. The couple is based in Brighton, England, and are involved in a new church planted out of HTB in London, called St. Peters. .




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