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Reasons Why A Section Of Kenyans Disagree With The Mavuno “Church Poster”

The mavuno church poster which was published on social media with aim of preaching sexual purity to the youth received a number of reactions and comments with many advocating for the church to continue with its intended plan of ministering to the youth , others seemed not to agree with the church’s perceived  intention.

mavuno poster post

Here are some of the reasons why a number of Kenyans disagree with the Mavuno Church poster:


In an attempt to address the sexual rot of our generation,& lure young guys to Christ, we MUST NOT get inspiration from the world to do so

ngunjiriwambugu's avatarNgunjiri Wambugu @ngunjiriwambugu

@kaburiwangari -My prob’s not, not reaching out to pple to come to church;it’s not telling him that he’s got sin; so that he comes to Church


#checkpoint there are other ways to reach the youth…better ways than that…so stop with these excuses they are annoying @YvonneOkwara

The standards of God are not the standards of dont teach the standards of God by applying the standards of men #checkpoint #WWJD

#checkpoint i thnk its not though the message is ok. the thing is we cannot follow the church we follow Jesus….

Proverbs 14:12 – There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. @mavunochurchorg. #Checkpoint

Be careful, it’s God who can only deal with the hearts of men and no one else. #checkpoint Jesus saves. Not you!


Many folks here defending #Mavuno about reaching out to question for you..what would Jesus do?..would he use explicit material?

There you have it. Comments from people who don’t agree with the poster terming it a bit too far.


  1. mavunoism wii become a cult if not checked and condemed.Lurid pictures, indecent exposure and language in the name of attracting the youth isnt for a church banner but for a harlem.think twice the devil is not your agemate and knows more than you.

  2. Jesus went to hell for us so that we dont go there because if we do, our INNOCENCE will be prematurely ended. As you tried to speak to those already in premature sex, you attracted many more others into this delusion. Mavuno church, you must not fall for New Age Movement and Interfaith Projects that preach an 'accomodative' gospel that dilutes the Christian doctrine. You cannot 'contemporarize' the gospel or domesticate God by erecting a sexual image infront of ages and backgrounds. Am sure the god – 'eros' whose spirits lure people into pornography was happy to have a service at Mavuno

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Comments From Kenyans Who Agree With Mavuno “Church Poster”

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