Support 15 Year Old Kenyan Child Eric,Battling with Cancer

15 year old Eric Njuguna a student at Aga-khan Academy was recently diagnosed with a dreadfully aggressive but Curable form of Cancer-Burkitt’s Lymphoma.


He is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital in India but the hospital is threatening to withdraw his treatment and imprison his Single mother for the debt accrued.

Due to this,an organisation-Keemokidz was established to campaign for the fundraising of Eric’s bill.The campaign is dubbed,40 days for Eric.                              They will also be hosting an event.>>> Keep an eye on Eric’s situation room To be held On 31st August 2013 between 12 am and 6pm at the Brookhouse School Auditorium whereby Kids will be empowered to do good, give back to society and help someone in need. Parents are asked to bring their Children.

Kids gather at one venue and make calls to movers and shakers, celebs, relatives, friends heck even the president if we can get his number – about Eric’s plight and getting them to donate.

To contribute to Save Eric M-PESA Pay bill No:700201 Account No:0230265021267101

Watch Eric’s Story

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