The Message Behind “Number One” By Kevoh Yout (Check Lyrics)

Here are the lyrics of Number One by Kevoh Yout.


The lord is my shepherd I shall not want,

He leads me in pastures green, ZAGABLOH!!!

This is Kevohyout,

De yout a-dem evangelist Pon de case,

Inna de Dancehall no Shotta gun gwaan buss,

Jesus Christ a who me placin first…Yo, yooohh!!!



(Jesus you are my Number one X2),

Yes Sir Number one,

Ni wewe na ni wewe mi na lean on! X2


Me nuh go bow to de system,

Jesus Christ, Him alone dat me Hailin,

When me Bow down it’s only him me exaltin,

Me nuh care bout what de haters dem thinkin….Yo yooh!

And when de sin is persisting,

Resistance is what me do resisting,

With the word of God,it abe de realest ting

Salvation fi de yout me supportin….Yo,yooh!

Like a souljah me deh pon line,

And fi de Most High me watch de border line,

Me no Drug Peddler, me no deal no moonshine,

I’m so high on Jesus yes de Lord is Mine,

(Me full of Jesus inna me bloodline X2),

Read carefully and Underline,

I’m full of Jesus Christ inna me Blood la-a-aine…..





Leo kutawaka  moto fire –a-a-aaahh,

Inna de Dancehall scene cuz Jesus Christ a who me representing,yo!

By reachin out to de yout pon de Gaza,pon de Gully,pon de Plain and even pon Plaza,

To de yout de weh yah tink…u cyaah mess wid de Yout yah!

Seh dem bad,eey bwuoy don’t come play round bout yah….eeiihh!!!

Corruption move …Hey,

Destruction move…Hey,yooh!!

Me no wah see no Blessings delay,

Ndio maana me nasema ….IT’S OKAY!

With Jesus inna me life,

Me no mix up inna no fuss and fight,

Me no take part inna no war and strife,

Cuz de Most high has made me tings alright,…..alright!

Me ago Fast and Pray,

Fi de Nation and make de Sin go away,

And de Youts dem fi depart from Harms way,

So dat de Most High can guide us all de way,…Oooh Yeah!!!





Hurry Up…

Hurry up…

Hurry up…

Hurry up..lemmie see you Hurry Up,

Hurry up come to de Most High and ur life gwaan change and ur life gwaan change X2,

Stop!…WOLAN!…My yout ya better listen up,

Yah look so weary yo mind needs fi get a fix up…. Yeah!

Jesus Christ ago light it up,

And Kikikikikiki-Kick out de sin ting,

From yo mind; from yo head, yo everything,

Make everything in your Life amazing,

Daily sustaining,You in your walk with Him,

And me no bother talkin about Backslidin,….so me seh!





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