Confused!! Is It A Sin To Download Pirated Music Games Or Movies Online?

Is downloading a song , software, music or  movies online a sin?

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Internet has become part of our day to day activities as seen in the cyber  cafes  that are usually full with people and the emergence of so many internet service providers (ISP) that have made it possible for many to access very fast internet speeds in their houses. The recent introduction of WI-FI on matatus and the data bundles provided on mobile phones has really made Kenyans be glued to their phones , tabs and laptops.

The challenge that has come with it is that some Kenyans now a days don’t go to the shops to buy movies , music or software’s since they are all available in the internet. Downloading has become easy with all this high internet speeds in place as people download music videos , movies and software’s  online .

Software piracy remains a huge concern with 80 per cent of consumers in the country indicating that they are concerned with the authenticity of the software that is powering their devices. Microsoft together with the Kenya Copyright Board last year issued a consumer alert over the high quality of counterfeit Microsoft software currently being traded in the country.

Most down-loaders use U torrent where you find illegally pirated soft-wares movies music among other things. I am thinking if i use something which is owned by someone without their permission it results to stealing.

A genuine copy of a Movie would go for around 300 to 500 shillings where as you will find always at some places there are movies being sold at 50 shillings or maybe 100 shillings. Even though this days the complaints raised by Artists on piracy has really gone down the challenge still exists as piracy is still with us.

It is ethically wrong to download and/or share copyrighted music, movies, etc., without the permission of the artist / publisher, which is piracy, because doing so is a violation of the law, and God commands us to obey the law.

The Bible tells us that we are to obey the laws of the government we live under (Romans 13:1-7). That is the key issue at stake here. God commands us to obey the governmental authorities. The only allowance we have for disobeying the authorities is if they demand that we disobey something God has commanded (Acts 5:29).

So are you a Christian and you like buying or downloading pirated content?

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