Wardrobe Malfunctions For The President and Daughter Charlene Ruto

Kenyans have been keeping a keen eye on President Ruto and his family. Nothing skips the hawk eyes of Kenyans when it comes to them. Ruto’s sense of fashion has previously been a topic of interest because of his Kaunda suits.

During a speech earlier today, he urged the Members of Parliament and leaders to mobilize Kenyans to apply for foreign jobs. The President said he was disappointed by the low turnout despite having talked to Kenyans as he visited different constituencies.

In today’s speech, he was wearing a blue polo shirt with white markings on the collar and sleeves. Bringing a new look to him that according to some Kenyans was not flattering to the President considering the obvious sweat stains.

Charlene Ruto also went through trolling online over her wardrobe choice. A video of the first daughter went viral online when she was seen struggling to walk. The first daughter was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and heels that she seemed to struggle with.

Comments were flooding on the viral video with most people urging her not to wear beels again due to the obvious struggle. Content creator Nyako shared her sentiments on the viral video by making a video replicating the walk Charlene had as seen on the video.

The German-based creator advised Charlene to avoid wearing heels. She went on to add that Charlene needed a new stylist because the one she currently has was failing. Nyako’s sentiments had many Kenyans in agreement.

The style of the head of state and their family is usually taken into serious scrutiny by citizens. Comparisons between former first Lady Margaret Kenyatta and first Lady Rachel Ruto have been a trending topic amongst Kenyans, especially after a recent trip of Mama Rachel Ruto.

Written by Bushnell

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