Zuchu Apologises For Indecent Performance In Zanzibar

Bongo artist Zuchu has found herself in trouble after her performance in Zanzibar back in February. The artist has been slapped with a huge cash fine as well as banishment from performing over a couple of months.

Zuchu was performing at the Full Moon Kendwa Night in Zanzibar on February 24th. The artist sang some lyrics that were deemed inappropriate according to Zanzibar’s culture that led to her current predicament.

The Zanzibar Arts, Census, Film, and Cultural Council (BASFU) fined the artist 1 million shillings and banned her from performing for 6 months in Zanzibar. They claim her performance was unsuitable for Zanzibar Cultural standards.

They also found out from further investigations carried out that the artist was not registered to the organisation as well as Zuchu did not have a permit to perform in Zanzibar. The National Arts Council (BASATA) also got involved.

BASATA shared a video of Zuchu receiving the guide of conduct for performers. They shared this post to show that Zuchu was cooperating with the council and was ready to do better. They also requested for a written apology from the artist.

Zuchu shared both a video and an apology through a letter. She admits that she was wrong and had no wrong motive. The artist claims that the performance was meant for entertainment purposes only.

The sensational artist also expressed that such a performance would not be repeated again. Her label Wasafi Records also issued a statement. They also apologised for her performance and added that its intent was only for entertainment.


Written by Bushnell

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