Meet BIGMAN SAM-L Whose Purpose Is To Advocate For POSITIVITY

Samuel T. Ngatho going by the alias ”BIGMAN SAM-L” is a Kenyan Spoken word artist, Christian rapper, songwriter, model and actor advocating for positivity in human mentality ,passionate about the gift of life, unity peace and love among all creations. He also majors in Architecture.

big sam back to basics

 BIGMAN SAM-L is the vision bearer of the BACK TO BASICS CAMPAIGN aimed at resuscitating the culture of mentor- mentee program by inspiring and motivating a sustainable purpose-driven generation that has been molded by the right hands.

BIGMAN launched His second Album titled ”Back to basics” on 3rd May 2015 at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC).He has toured throughout Kenya especially in Universities, High Schools, Churches and now launching out into other parts of the world Rwanda being an example of countries he has visited. He has shared stage with other international Artists i.e. 116 clique on the UNASHAMED TOUR Kenyan Edition.

Remaining true to the word but still unbound by Religious, Political, racial and economic cocoons goes ahead to address culture that states we fall because we are human but instead redefining humanity as that which makes us one.

BigMan Sam-l will be holding a family fest at St. Paul’s university on 22nd August where he will featuring other artistes like Mbuvi, Makena, Lady Bee, Jemmimah Thiongo among others.

family fest back to basics


You can get his new music on Skiza . View them below 


RBT code RBT name Singer name
1065406 J.E.S.U.S chorus Bigman
1065407 J.E.S.U.S intro Bigman
1065410 My God Bigman
1065408 My God intro Bigman
1065409 My God outro Bigman
1065411 Non like u chorus Bigman
1065412 Non like u intro Bigman
1065413 Wasup chorus Bigman
1065414 Wasup intro Bigman
1065415 Wasup verse Bigman
1065416 Word Bigman

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