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“You can Now Return and Replace Your OLD Kenyan Shillings Note” : Central Bank

Kenyan Shilling
Old Kenyan Shilling Note

The Kenyan Central bank has communicated to Kenyans that they can now return their old shilling note they have and replace it with a new one. This communication was shared by the CBK after a certain 50 shillings old note went viral on twitter.

Kenyan Shilling
Old Kenyan Shilling Note

“The Bank is not obliged to exchange any damaged currency. Any banknotes and coins presented for exchange will be carefully examined by the bank. The bank may seek to know from the presenter of the damaged currency as to how the notes and coins were damaged,” a statement shared on CBK’s official website read in part.

Be that as it may, CBK noticed that the harmed or mangled cash ought not be intentionally ruined, must be bona fide, ought to be more than a large portion of the genuine size and consistent and ought to likewise hold up under no less than one complete serial number.

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