Details of Ole Ntimama Funeral Revealed

Ole Ntimama
Ole Ntimama

The late William Ole Ntimama-former Cabinet Secretary will be laid torest at his family home in Motonyi, alongside his three late young siblings.

Ole Ntimama
Late Ntimama who passed at his bed

The memorial service date has not been formally set however the family representative told the media that they settled for Saturday, September 10 pending an affirmation on whether President Uhuru Kenyatta will be available.

The family representative, Tempes Ntimama said that two advisory groups were making arrangements at his Narok home and his Nairobi home individually.

“We concurred as the family to bury our adoring father,Ole Ntimama, near our late sibling and two sisters-Drake Siyomit, Martha Semeita and Caroline Teiyaa burial grounds,” Tempes told the press.

At his memorial service, only top government authorities and relatives would be permitted at the graveside.

The date of the burial service has been concurred to be probably on Saturday, September 10 pending affirmation of the accessibility of Uhuru Kenyatta who needs to go to the last send off.

The 86-year-old veteran lawmaker passed on at his bed in the wake of having a dinner and never woke up.

He was found dead at around 10pm Thursday night.

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