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K24’s Jamila Mbugua Shares Why “A Daughter Decided To Forgive Her Step-Dad Who Hacked Her Mum To Death”

The road to forgiveness is one path that not many would easily like to pursue as it requires more than just a heart to do it. Forgiveness requires the Love of Christ in one’s heart to do it , which applies to this lady who  forgave a person whom she would probably want to be jailed for the rest of his life.

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K24’s Jamila Mbugua will be bringing you a story of this lovely lady by the name Angela, who decided to go far from what many people “normal” by forgiving her step dad who hacked her Mother to death.

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A very shocking and confusing situation to be in I would say but this woman had the courage to let go.  Catch all this in the Faraja Show on K24 this Friday at 8.30pm


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