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Uhuru and Modi sign arrangement to assemble East Africa’s top cancer hospital

On Monday, Kenya marked a multi-billion shilling deal with India to assemble East Africa’s largest Cancer Hospital. The project is set to begin one year from now, in a move that places human services at the focal point of political relations between the two countries.  The hospital will offer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants and advanced surgery.

The plan was first mentioned during President Kenyatta’s visit to India last year. The two presidents have agreed that they will give priority to the construction of the hospital, which when completed, will save Kenyans the burden of flying to India for cancer treatment.

Cancer is the third leading killer disease in Kenya after pneumonia and malaria. Despite the number of cancer related deaths, Kenya is still struggling to equip its hospitals with the necessary facilities to battle the disease. Most households in the country can not afford the treatment and as a result, many lives that can be saved, are lost to this disease.

Mr.Modi said that India would help Kenya turn into a regional medical center through a mix of financial and specialized help.


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Written by Clarice Wekey

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