One On One With Willis Raburu : “6 Things You Don’t Know About Willis Raburu”

We had an interesting conversation with News Reporter “Anchor” Willis Raburu of Citizen Tv and he shared with us about his life as a news reporter.

Willis Raburu Citizen TV Kenya 11

You have heard him on  Truth Meter every Friday on Citizen Tv and you wonder “who is this guy?” and “How does he always manage to bring the joke home? is there something different about this guy?

Find out below :

Who Is Willis Raburu?

Willis Raburu is an beneficiary of Gods grace..plain and simple

Tell Us Did You Ever Dream Of Being A News Reporter And When Was That?

“From the age of 7. I would walk around the house and gather newspapers then take them to my mum and make her sit down and tell her “ I want to read to you the news” and she would sit as I read through the various section of the news that is Local, international, business and sports.

I would always tell her “ mum one day ill be on TV” and I appreciate her response she always told me “ Yes you will” So it has always been in my heart, I always drifted towards the languages and writing, I loved it.

Whenever I would want to escape the pains and stresses of life I would retreat to writing, poetry, stories the whole nine yards.. So yes I always wanted to be a Journalist, I find it intriguing that you have access to all this information, then you filter and sift it for the masses whilst ensuring you balance it and inject excellence.”


Many People Don’t Know This, Is Willis Raburu Born Again?

Willis Raburu is born again.. I encountered Christ very differently lol, When I was in class 2 or  3 I recall my father gathering the whole family together and making us choose whether we wanted to get saved or not, so I would say the first time I got saved it was en masse haha, funny I know but this was part of the biblical “ train a child in the way when he is young and when he is old he wont depart from it”

As I grew older I understood the depth of it all, and realize the importance of having a special relationship with the God and I tell you that is when I got such peace and sense of purpose

Is it Challenging To Be A Christian and A Reporter.. If Yes What Are Some Of The Challenges you experience

Its challenging to be a Christian in any work place, people will always pick you out or watch you keenly, but I think it is because Chrisitaniaty for a long time had been the club for the “ holier than thou” and so it was hard for people to want to get in, but I believe in a principle that, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Here’s the thing; Challenges will always exist but God is above all, I would rather focus on being an example of His grace and allowing God to use me to package Christianity in a way that only He would specifically for the various people I interact with and cause a revolution.


Do you feel that putting GOD first in your career has been a blessing in your life.

Joel Osteen says this “ put God first place in your life and He will take you places you never even dreamed of” that statement is a representation of what the bible says your gift will take you before Kings” My understanding is that what when you talk to God, and share with Him your plan He does you one better He takes it and fits it in His plan and its always exceedingly more than we can ask think or imagine, ill tell you this God isn’t through with me yet!

Do You have time to go to church with the busy life (of a news reporter). Do You Feel Your Career At Times Affects Your Christian Life

Yes I am off on Sundays and Mondays and I get to go to church. I am blessed to fellowship at JCC and one of the things Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna have taught me is the need to have a personal relationship with God and so I make time each day to pray and to just talk to God when I can. Prayer is a conversation, so I whisper a “ thank you God” a “ Help me through this” every now and then to God.

Sure sometimes I would like to go to bible study more and attend more services but I cant always do that but I make deliberate efforts to try and pray and read the bible I am not perfect but I try.

What Are Your Future Plans:

I plan on doing prime time news, then perhaps a talk show and one day own my own media house.

I also plan to start a family so look out for the wedding.. J




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