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PART 2 : “When I Got Pregnant, I Tried To Commit Suicide By Lying On The Kenya Railway Line” Gospel Artiste Shares

We continue with the 2nd part of the story of christian singer Margaret Maggie. If you didn’t read part one you can click here to read.


Margaret Maggie
Margaret Maggie

The situations of life got worse which pushed her dad to serious drinking since he was not able to raise school fees for his kid’s education. This was one problem for Maggie but little did she know that another big one was coming.

Maggie got pregnant at an early stage in life which was something that she had never planned for as a young girl and a christian. Like a normal girl who has no other place to go she decided to go for the shortest route of solving a problem. Maggie had reached the end and she wanted to commit suicide.

Maggie says : “I had vowed never to have an abortion and didn’t want to be a burden to my family. Since we lived near a railway line, I decided I would throw myself on the rail when the train was passing since the train would pass at 4pm every night.”

“So I lay in wait at night by the rail and fell asleep only to wake up in the morning wondering if I missed the train or it didn’t come at all!! I vowed never to even ever think of taking my life again.”

“I later gave birth to a boy whom I named after my dad Isaac. I had to look for work to support my son since my family was doing so badly financially. I did all sorts of work ranging from hawking clothes, washing people’s clothes and cleaning chores, whatever work I could find I did. I was so miserable; I even had to teach my son nursery and preschool since I could not afford the nursery fees.

I remember at one time there was absolutely no food in the house except 1 big potato, I decided to chop it and boil it for my son to eat only for the stove to go out before it was fully done, I couldn’t stop the tears as I watched my son eat the potato, he was too hungry to notice it wasn’t well done.

By then I was already serving in church as a worship leader, many are the times I would lead the songs on an empty stomach praying to God that I would not faint while at it but God always renewed my strength and gave me the grace to persevere.

I only had one black skirt to wear as it was required for all the choir members; I wore this skirt for more than 2 years every Sunday the most amazing thing is that no one seemed to notice! I knew God would not put me to shame. Despite the fact that I was suffering I kept serving God whole heartedly. I would wake up early every Saturday to go clean the church and return home tired and hungry with no food most of the time.

What kept me going was my relationship with God and being very prayerful. Most Friday’s my sister Naomi and I would leave home at 5pm so we could pay 10 shillings to town and wait there the whole evening for the keshas. Mostly this was money my sister had made from collecting peoples rubbish for disposal.

With so much strength in her and passion of going to church Maggie was to get another surprise when she was arriving from church. She says : “On one occasion we came from church only to find that the landlord had closed our house and even put wood all over the door and windows. We had no where else to go and so we spent the night in our cousin’s house.”

“In bitterness I kept asking where is this God we’ve been praying all night. That morning I went very early to pray alone in church and God gave me the Kikuyu song “Hamwe Nanie” meaning God is with me and that He will never leave nor forsake me.”

Overtime, dads drinking became too much, it was affecting His health and disrupting the peace of our family. I decided enough was enough. I fasted and prayed for 3 days to GOD. This was where something miraculous happened in my family.

“One day as I was lying on my bed I could hear my dad hailing insults in the next room. I decided to go and beg him him to stop as I could hear the neighbors laughing from outside. The begging didn’t turn out as i expected but rather it led to many other insults being hailed at me.” This was where Maggie decided to do something that any believing Christian would do. Go on her knees and pray. Something interesting happened.

“I desperately knelt right there by the door sobbing and prayed a loud desperate prayer. As I continued to pray as loud as I could everything went silent as time passed.My dad could not utter another abuse.

A week later, he announced to us that he had quit drinking. What a mighty God we serve.”

I purposed never to compromise my faith no matter how tough the going got but to focus on the promises of God.

“I realized people can only help to a point until they get tired and start avoiding you or hiding from you, I knew my help would only come from God alone. I would seek help from family especially for food and they would mockingly tell me to go eat in church since I was always there.” Maggie reveals. Shut down but no destroyed Maggie would go to church whenever she felt defeated and cry to God and He would always provide a way. There was a time where they were so in need that the poorest person in their area was the one giving them food, surely God works in mysterious ways.


One day I was invited to pray with my pastor Bishop Kamau and his wife Ruth. We used to meet every Saturday morning for prayers.We had done this for a couple of months.

On that fateful day as I left the prayers I met a good friend of mine. It was great to meet him and after we chatted he asked me if I would be interested to work with him. I was surprised where this came from. Me getting a job? . I was probably day dreaming but a good dream it was.

My friend offered me a job in his organization and I was so overjoyed with the surprise that GOD had brought in my life. All my problems would at last go away and I would be able to consume-rate all my needs. At last I got a permanent job as I was tired of casual jobs. This was a blessing for me.

I was able to raise my child Isaac and still pursue my music career that I loved so much. I thank God that through His grace I’ve just completed my debut album Hosanna which consists of 5 songs. The single release videos Nitakuimbia and Umenishikilia also feature in my Hosanna album.

Margaret Maggie 3

Many are the testimonies in my life of God’s great favor and blessings in my life that’s why most of my songs are based on testimonies of God faithfulness in my life. I could sing of His love forever.

Hope you have been blessed.



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