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Studies Show Kenyan Men Are More Religious And Practice Selfcare More Than Kenyan Women

In this new era that we live in, women are taking up manly roles and fighting to have equal rights as men. On the other hand, men are forced to adapt to more feminine ways of life and have created their own movement suggesting they are the prize.

According to research done by the Kenya National Bureau of Standards, it found that most Kenyan men spend more time on religious activities, culture, leisure, mass media, and sports activities.

The report also found that on average Kenyan men spend 710 minutes a day on self-care activities in comparison to Kenyan women who spend 705 minutes per day on self-care activities.

(PHOTO/COURTESY) Man doing a facial.

The self-care activities considered by the report include observing dietary needs like eating healthy, being well-groomed, engaging in exercises and workouts, walking, and having a good night sleep.

In addition, the report by the Kenya Bureau of Standards found that women spend 44 minutes a day learning. While Kenyan men spend up to 56 minutes a day learning things like skills and language.

While this may come as a shock to many, most men have embraced personal development and wellness. This is a response by men to women taking up the feminist movement. The men have opted to get in touch with themselves.

Some men have taken this as an opportunity to rally the toxic masculinity agenda. Whereby men are taught to embrace a toxic side of masculinity. In that, they no longer regard the woman and demand to be treated the same way women expect a certain treatment from them.

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