Timmy T Dat Smokes During An Interview

Long lost sensational artist Timmy T Dat resurfaced during an interview with comedian Oga Obinna on the Obina Show. The artist has been missing in action for years in the Kenyan music scene.

During the interview, Timmy took out his cigarette and lighter and vegan to smoke. Not long after, security walked in on him and snatched the cigarette. Timmy tried to get it back and a little commotion was caused on set.

Oga Obinna intervened by requesting the well built security man to let go of the artist since he already confiscated the cigarette. Timmy then requested to side chat with the security officer away from the camera.

With his microphone still on, you could hear Timmy requesting for his cigarette back to smoke one more time while it’s still lighted. From the footage, you could tell the security officer lightened up and gave him back his cigarette.

After he had a few puffs, Timmy adjusted his microphone and was seen talking to the security officer. He then returned to the set of the interview. Timmy expressed his discontentment on how he was handled.

Oga Obinna expressed that the security officer was only doing his job. He then reached out to help Timmy fix his microphone. Obinna added that it was nit right for Timmy to pull.out a cigarette and smoke mid interview.

Obinna published the footage of the whole saga to his platforms. According to Timmy’s reaction, he was nit aware that it was all caught on camera. He expressed his disappointment with Obinna publishing the footage. He added that was the reason he no longer did interviews.


Written by Bushnell

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