Otile Brown Gets Backlash Over His Statements On East African Artists

Kenyan R&B artist Otile Brown is facing backlash over statements he made during an interview at Oga Obinna’s show, Obinna TV. The artist shared is thoughts on the level East African Artist’s have managed to achieve.

According to Otile Brown, East African Artist’s have not reached the international artist status. The artist claims that they are all still local artists and adds that they have work to do to become international artists.

Obinna shocked by Otile’s opinion tries to point out Diamond Platinumz. The bongo artist from Tanzania who even features on the Netflix reality show, Young, Famous and African. Diamond has also collaborated with major international artists like Burna Boy.

Otile Brown stands his ground that the East African artists have reached their capacity. Elaborating further that they have reached their ceiling. He does nit exclude himself from the equation of those who still have work to do.

This was not taken well by people online. Kenyans trolled the artist for his statements and gave examples of artists who have managed to gain an international crowd while still staying true to their local roots.

Otile Brown shared a video defending his statements during the interview. He maintained his school of thoughts and added that he was not going to take back his words. He urged the people to go listen to the full interview because he did talk some serious truths that would give basis to his statements.



Written by Bushnell

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