Vladimir Putin Wins Russian Presidential Election For The 5th Time

Vladamir Putin is on his way to becoming the longest-serving President of Russia surpassing Josef Stalin if he completes the new six-year term. This comes after he won the presidential elections that took place for three days.

According to critics, the people had no choice but to vote for Putin during the elections. Putin won with over 87% of the votes with communist candidate Nicolai Kharitonov coming in second with just under 4%.

The newcomer Vladislav Davankov came in third while ultra-nationalist Leonid Slutsky came in fourth. Putin considered the elections fair and dismissed those who protested against the vote outcome.

According to Reuters, the White House National Security Council said, “The elections are not free or fair given how Mr. Putin has imprisoned political opponents and prevented others from running against him.”

Ukraine President Zelenskyy said that Putin was addicted to power and wanted to use it for evil. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron criticized the voting saying that the voters had lack of choice.

Alexey Navalny, Putin’s fiercest critic died in prison last month. The other Putin critics are either in exile or detained.

Written by Bushnell

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