8 Things Guys Should Know About Ladies

This is a part which i know most ladies will agree with me that guys need to know about them. Its just simple facts that you might need to consider as a guy and also it may not apply to all ladies.

If you are dating,married or just a guy out there you might need to know this simple facts.

So what are the 8 Things that Guys Should Know About Ladies.

Ladies Love To Be Complemented.

Ladies tend to see every little thing that’s wrong with their appearance, so try and compliment them. Try to show her that she is special, make her feel she is the only one in the world. This should a daily thing to tell your spouse as she will always appreciate it.

Ladies Love To Be Respected.

A Guy should always act as a gentleman when talking on a normal conversation with a lady. Its  important to show her that you respect her as a lady, treat her right and make her interests come first.

If you thinking about intimacy on the first date then you need to know, thats total disrespect.

A Lady Loves Presents

Ladies love presents and they always will. Sure, they like it when you give them a gift card, but they love things from the heart. You could play a song for the girl you care about or go out in the middle of the football field, announcing to everyone your love for her.

Come up with something creative. Yeah, it might be kind of embarrassing, but we would really feel loved and appreciate it, even if we don’t show it.

A Lady Likes A Guy Who Is Unpredictable

Be unpredictable that is never let her see your intentions coming. If you are predictable then your moving on the wrong lane. Let most things especially surprises not to be predictable.

In a dating scenario, if you are about to propose or planning to get married to her let it be a surprise. If you are telling a joke let it come in a different way such that she will find it funny

Ladies Like A Guy Who Is Not “Fake”

As a guy you need to be yourself. If you’re  (smart person who likes school) then be a geek, don’t try to act like a jock (an athlete).

If you don’t have money to take her out just  be straight with her such that you will not find yourself in an embarrassing situation ( In a Five Star Hotel with only A few Coins In The Pocket). If you stay in the ghetto then tell it like it is.

Girls Don’t Like To Be Lead On

Don’t lead a girl on. If you don’t like her then tell her or say you just want to be friends because she will not notice. Say you’re best friends for a year and she falls in love with you.

Just be a gentleman.

Not All Ladies Like Sports.

Most ladies are not into sports, so instead of laughing at her  it would be nice to show her how to play.

Call Her or Text Her After Sometime

Its important to call her or text her after a period of time to show her that you care. If she gave you her number that means she wanted to communicate with you.


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