Ice Breaker East Africa And Kenya High Sschool Mentorship Project

Kenya High Schools Mentorship Project was formed with three main agendas, to Inspire, Connect and Empower (ICE). Its mandate is to have capacity building for young and focuses on people between the ages of (13-25) years.

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Student mentorship and empowerment interventions can be increased through collaboration with the existing organizations in order to scale up life skills interventions at school level. All young people need life skills interventions more so those who are orphaned, especially through HIV/AIDS, conflicts/wars, and politics, et al. Students are in direct need of mentorship, role models and empowerment.


Through trainings, students will have an avenue to showcase their different skills and talents. KHSMP will emphasize on five key areas; in intellect, modeling, music, poetry/drama and dance.  After showcasing, the KHSMP Team will appoint an ambassador from each category in each school who will thereafter compete in the finals against the other schools ambassadors. The KHSMP ambassadors will therefore be the bridge between the schools as per follow up and the KHSMP Team thus boosting nurturing opportunities among themselves.

The life skills and empowerment project is meant to augment and subsidize what is already available in schools considering it’s not part and parcel of their curriculum. Lack of mentorship programs can in many cases leave the young incomplete in as far as understanding themselves and thus are unable to maximize on their talents and abilities once in the outside world.


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