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Bantu Releases His New Video With Jaya “David Dance” (Watch)

Bantu who  did a single with Holy Dave Mara Hiyo Hiyo  has released his video for the song David Dance featuring Jaya.

This is a song which is categorized as a praise song urging listeners to dance for the Lord like David. If you remember in the Bible, David danced for the Lord as quoted in the book of 2 Samuel 6:14

“And David danced with all his might before the Lord: and David was girded with a linen ephod.” 

This video comes after Bantu Featured In “Dhambi Ina Boo Remix” With Blessed Jo and after Jaya did “Heart Right Here.”

So if you know the Lord has been good to you get up and Dance!!

Now Introducing Fresh And New David Dance By Bantu Featuring Jaya




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