Part One: As A Christian; Why Should I Wait Until Marriage?

The blood is boiling! The engines are revving! She is looking super hot! He is fly to the bone! Your hormones are doing the macarena dance- and you’re a Christian who is not married! Bummer! What a party pooper, right? Just follow your feelings, right? I mean, what’s the big deal about waiting for sex when I am so horny right now? Ever asked why do we really wait for sex until marriage as followers of Christ?

Why do we wait?

Why do we wait for sex until marriage as followers of Christ? Do we do it to look more spiritual and religious than the rest of the world? Does it have certain health benefits? Does it make us look serious with our faith? Or perhaps it is a sales campaign to recruit more Christians. Why? Why? Why? If you are not a follower of Christ, I dare you to ask that question to a Christian. Challenge their faith. Why are they against sex before marriage? I mean many people are having it and they seem to be doing okay.  Besides, what do these religious virgins know about sex? They’ve never had it. Or perhaps you know a few whom you’ve labelled “hypocritical” because you they do it frequently but still proclaim the faith of Christ. It may sound silly but you will be surprised at the dull responses given for why we wait.

The following are lazy reasons for waiting for sex until marriage for us followers of Christ

1. Wait for sex till marriage because you don’t want to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.”

We have contraceptives for that. Poor and lazy reason.

2. “Wait until marriage so that you will not feel guilty after all those Sunday school classes.” 

We can avoid guilt by simply finding loopholes in our socialization and upbringing. Poor and lazy response.

3. “Wait because You could catch HIV or a deadly disease.”

We can check our partner’s health and be faithful to them. Again, poor and lazy response.

4. “Wait for sex until marriage because your parents will be disappointed.”

Then they will get over it and stop yapping. Poor and lazy response.

All those reasons are far too cheap, far too small and far too inconsequential in comparison to why the believer should wait. You may say, Ernest, wait! Are you saying there is something worse that getting an unwanted pregnancy, catching a disease and facing social stigma from society all at once? Yes and no.

You will not know why we wait if you subscribe to worldly patterns

The world will say sex is like drinking water. If you have it with anyone, you are simply having a flesh-on-flesh experience. You have better chances trusting a drug lord with your teenager than you have trusting the media with a moral yardstick, Beloved. If the media, through a television series can get you praying that an adulterous couple does not get caught in their sexual scandal, it can get you spitting in the face of a God who gave his life for you on a cross. The media has the power to call blue red and to call red blue and make you believe it. If you think I’m lying, try this experiment: ask about 10 random followers of Christ living in our city if watching an action movie with a 10 second sex scene is wrong. Before you get a straight yes from a majority of them, chances are that you will hear enough justifications of why we are different from the times of Jesus and when all excuses run out, they will default to the “in case of offended ego emergency, quote the don’t judge me verse.” Repentance and sanctification has become an affront in our generation. We want to hear grace without repentance, forgiveness without the lordship of Christ, eternal life without eternal gifts, freedom without accountability, the gospel without the 10 commandments. And you dear follower of Christ, if you love the world, the Word of God calls you an enemy of Christ.

Wedding of Sara Petersen and Brett Carneiro on August 20, 2011 in Ashburnham, MA

You see, many believers in diapers have sat in the pews and warmed them for too long. They would rather befriend the devil that they see than stand for the Christ they do not see. It’s easy to share a blog on who-slept-with-who but hard to share one on sexual purity because that would mean being disliked by the world. Jesus said in John 16:33 that in this world we will have trouble. Many know nothing of it in the 21st century because we are in league with the world. It would be the ultimate act of treachery if we dine with the world and not end up in paradise with them. If we truly care for them, we will love them and befriend them like Jesus did but we will not compromise the message of the gospel. Jesus said in Matthew 11:6 “And blessed is he who does not take offense at Me.”

Jesus in Matthew 11:6 is basically saying that there are those who would rather rule in hell than serve in Paradise. Many believers find the praise of men more deserving than the praise of God when it comes to sexuality. A Hollywood movie shows a high school full of “cool” teenagers awe in wonder that one of them is a virgin. The virgin of course by Hollywood’s standards has a poor fashion sense, is average in intellect and is not sexually attractive. The poor “un-cool” “unsophisticated” and “shady” virgin must prove that they too are cool. So they make sure their final year in high school ends with having compromised purity. And of course the movie also shows that the “cool” high school girls who are beautiful and worthy of love are also worthy of sexual desire. The virgin teenager wants to be accepted but the pre-requisite is to be cool and sexually liberated. The movie ends with the “sexually liberated” teenager having found true happiness by giving away their virginity before the end credits. The world tells us that this is self-actualization. The folly of it all tires my spirit- not because the world shows it but because believers buy the movie, watch it, love it, recommend it on their Facebook accounts and are naive enough to try it. You will not know why we wait if you spend time with the world. Sex has been devalued by the high cost of lust.

And it takes maturity dear follower of Christ to know that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down such strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). And that weapon is the knowledge of the Word of God. If the audience is the world, you don’t need to tell them why sexual purity is important. No. You need to tell them why Christ Jesus is important first. Without Christ, they will not see it. It will sound like foolishness in their ears. Light has come into the world but men have loved darkness and rejected the light. Give Christ and tell them why we wait till marriage. If you tell them why we wait first, it will be like giving a vehicle to a person before they learn to drive. They will crash the car and they may die.


The entire post is credited to Author, Speaker and Blogger Ernest Wamboye. Click HERE to read more from him.


Written by Clarice Wekey

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