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‘The Enemy of Gospel Music Is Inside’ : DJ MO shares after ‘Tiga Wana” Rebuke

Just a few days ago, Size 8 and Willy Paul released a new song called ‘Tiga Wana’ and the song has been met with a lot of criticism especially on social media. Size 8’s husband Dj Mo has come out to defend gospel artistes citing that the word of God remains the same.


“Watu wangu vipi – I mean this from my heart. We are living in a day and age when throwing mud at others makes our hands feel cleaner. A generation of Christians with PHD pull him or her down syndrome…. The enemy of the church is the church and the enemy has succeeded to make believers turn against each other and to do whatever it takes to make sure neither of them rises.” he wrote on his instagram page.

He continues to say that, “ I have been on the forefront in advocating for content in music and that will not change anytime but am also of the school of thought music is an art, it’s about expressing the same idea in a creative yet entertaining way to capture the intended audience. The children of Israel in the wilderness complained to God when he fed them with manna everyday they asked for meat and another day bread (Numbers 11:4) they were tired of one meal….the generation out there won’t feed on worship songs alone and I’m a greater lover of worship and praise songs… they want the word packaged in different ways….Paul said when he went to Rome he did as the Romans to win a few.


There’s no way we will win the world unless we package the gospel in a more appealing way to their hearts….we continue to fight creativity in advancing the gospel the world is getting even more creative to push the agenda of the enemy. I thought when Ngori, Ayaya (beats), Katikia yesu (coz of attire), kapungala, kuchukuchu ,and others came out n everyone was criticising…they had a problem Thitima came out and its scripture after scripture n the criticism was the same…. Wait a minute if you meet a person with a problem with everyone then it’s the person with a problem.




We can’t keep tearing every song down just because it’s not in our preferred style or wording. Today I want to go into record as the only gospel deejay that supports and will continue (no matter what) to support creative packaging of the gospel through music, maintaining content, maintaining the sweetness of music as an art n going down to reach the intended audience…(whether young or old)

Finally to the entire gospel ministry let’s not be our own enemies, I’ll tell you the truth the enemy of gospel music is inside not out there….. I believe in constructive n positive criticism. That’s the only way we can all grow…let’s not kill our wounded soldiers, let’s not be quick to judge others and pull them down because we disagree with their way of doing things… In all things let’s always remember the kingdom we claim to represent is founded and rooted in love….with a little love for one another we will propel each other forward than we press each other down.

Enough said….having supported so many uprisings Djs and artistes, well known artistes, deejayed and represented God in many biggest gospel n secular concerts have come to know that our God is fun ,I love you all and Jesus loves you even more ,thank you for your great support always” –Dj Mo -System unit.

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Written by Eugene Cardus

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