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Thousands of Worshipers Turn Up for SINACH CONCERT(IN PICTURES)

Worshipers from all over Nairobi came together for the Praise Festival held at CITAM KAREN featuring award winning musical artist SINACH on Saturday evening . The long lines at  the gate that started as early as 4.00pm were a sure sign that the evening was bound to be spectacular. The organizers kept their side of the bargain by commencing at exactly 6.00pm as advertised. With uplifting as well as entertaining performances from EMY KOSGEI, PITSON, GUARDIAN ANGEL FREKEH UMOH, EVELYN WANJIRU 7db04cd5-024c-470f-91f8-7c76db3e5d2a 5b8516a1-b0b8-4027-926e-f935b27605d5 0c55e909-2c8a-4f89-89d5-c6b05432d15b 9aefd1f0-7c71-478f-9e17-a28906f56552 55c57492-9a33-49ed-b82d-c1d9bf3f2af7 68a085bd-9af9-4f20-a449-aed766fc2185 74a10d97-b459-4a3c-b9c6-fb6cfba98f1d 715bdd03-bd4d-4f7a-a45b-3397c4afb60c 802e6f0a-eed3-4c16-a5ad-9b24ae4211d9 1770b741-cf22-470d-a08d-d7487fb6bb03 1841018a-12d5-43b3-9a42-0a9a0ff39f9b a5d2e4e0-c92e-4b36-b9fe-2e0fb76b6e22 a0948916-1275-4be9-a4b7-0d72d815b37c c5d1a5f7-ee10-4b37-af3d-3c75a3eb75c8 d707210e-3d4d-4b79-8217-f62b17dfb8c2 dffa22d4-7795-459f-808e-d620404c6514 e23d69cd-3dcd-4eee-b44d-4daebfd04920 e232c615-509e-4e62-a6f4-c76600637c84 e8279c12-de99-4ad4-88ea-f54b3081a0f2 f41fa1e2-6aff-44a6-813b-8e6f1576a448AND THE GROOVE BAND the audience had no choice but to praise and celebrate life.

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