Pastor Ephantus Wahome: The call of God in my life is sure

“Celebrating many years in Christ service, not that am faithful than the rest or my brothers who we started ministry together and on the way they gave up. I have experienced rejection, negative criticism, hatred and malicious stories in my walk in the ministry. I have never looked up to the negative things spoken or said about my life and ministry. My best friend, Holy spirit has walked with me and even when I feel despaired, He always encourages me to move on because there is a better day ahead.

I count it an honor that He choose me so many years back. It was when i was in form 1 at Buru Buru academy (currently NPC Buruburu) when i realized the call of God in my life. My elder brother, Bishop Simon Kariuki of ‘In His Presence Jesus Worship center’ led me to a prayer of repentance and from there on as a born again christian, i desired to serve the Lord. The greatest mentorship i received was from my Christian union (CU) chairperson Judy Akinyi . It was this lady who taught me how to pray, public speak and also sing.

Having served under so many ministers, I have always been loyal and submissive under the grace of the man of God. When you let God lead your life its never hard to submit. Even as am celebrating my life in ministry and the Lord fit it good for me to be ordained and be officially commissioned as a pastor. Soon we are planting a church in Kahawa West where we shall preach the gospel of truth, deliverance and righteousness.

It is by the grace of God that i have ministered to thousands in high school ministry, conferences and other church invitations. My call is basically winning souls for Christ. I have also mentored many artists who do real gospel music with an aim of glorifying the Lord. Baraka Encounter Night is my greatest joy, souls are won and many are encouraged, the overnight happens every 3rd Friday of every month.

My wife, minister Joy has been my greatest inspiration, she is a woman of virtue, her encouragement, prayers and moral support cannot be ignored. My ministry changed completely when she joined my life. I learn a lot from her and especially to forgive and let go. She is one kind & selfless woman who would give it all for the glory of God.

My bishop, my father and my angel, His grace Bishop Patrick Kariuki, General Overseer of Great Gospel Visioners, came to my life when I needed a father more than anything else. It was a period the Lord was speaking to me to go out and serve Him fully. I inquired of wisdom from the man of God I fellowshiped under. He could prophesy now and then about ministry. Yes, He is a great man, He brought me up but the next level needed another grace.

It was one morning after our morning devotion at 3 am, I told my wife that God is sending us to Bishop Patrick, He was to mentor, father and hold our hands in the church ministry. I clearly saw dad, wiping my tears. That very morning we met bishop and He confirmed the vision even without sharing any bit with him. It was that moment we confirmed fully its our time to go.

It wasn’t really an easy task leaving my church, actually I didn’t want to leave the church rudely so i tried several times to have a one on one with my pastor. It was fruitless and I had to send a text. We prayed about it, sought advice from friends who we fellowshiped together with but the spirit of God kept saying ,”Its time” . My pastor replied the text, encouraged us and released us with blessings.

Now we are here and the Lord has been faithful to us. We don’t take this as just another event but an honor to receive new mantle, fresh anointing, to serve in the city and beyond. We are taking this gospel to the next level, the devil has no power over the children of God. We are anointed to preach this gospel. I know being under the apostolic mantle of my father, His grace Bishop Patrick i will deliver the message of the cross to the Nations.

I have learnt loyalty, leadership, humility and ministry from my father. I will follow his steps to raise, mentor and also father another generation of disciplined, anointed, God fearing generation of Christians. I desire to be a servant leader. Working with the team of pastors, leaders, our father and his associates. I am willing to learn more to grow even better and become whom God intended me to be.”

Pstr Ephy

Written by Eugene Cardus

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