Over 20,000 Muslims Convert to Christianity (Here Is Why)

Christianity is developing quickly in the for the most part Muslim nation of Bangladesh; so quickly that it’s turning into an issue for Islamic leaders in the nation.

“Over the most recent 12 months, more than 20,000 Muslims have changed over to Christianity. More than 20,000 have changed over and this is turning into a genuine issue for the Muslims,” one ex-Muslim disclosed to Christian Freedom International.

A large number of these Muslim proselytes confront tremendous oppression for leaving Islam.

Minister Rafiqul Islam is one of the a huge number of Christians who abandoned their Muslim confidence for Christ. He lost his family and his organizations not long after in the wake of changing over, and was nearly beaten in the road by leaders of his neighborhood mosque.

Regardless of the abuse, he says he won’t quit educating his neighbors concerning “Eternal life in Jesus Christ.”

Despite the fact that Christians make up under 1 percent of the populace in Bangladesh, the numbers are developing quickly. Minister Rafiqul has seen several Muslims convert over to Christianity with his own eyes.

“Numerous Muslims are changing over. For the most part in the country ranges.” he said. “More individuals are converting ¬†consistently. Despite the fact that we are oppressed, we are preaching the Good News.”

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