J Blessings Gives His Side of the Story Amid Domestic Violence Speculations

Kenyan singer Avril took the internet by storm when she shared the now-deleted photos of herself with a bruised face. Alongside the photos, she mentioned renowned producer and father to their 7-year-old son, J Blessings.

Kenyans were fast to express their opinions about the ‘kitu kimoja’ singer having a bruised face with some mocking and laughing at her demise. Avril then responded to a post from one of the Kenyan blogs about how shocked she was to see people make a joke of her situation.

Later in the day, the singer whose real name is Judith Nyambura Mwangi shared a statement on her Instagram story. With a twist, she urged her followers to forgive J Blessings for hurting her adding that she had forgiven him.

“I forgive you J, please find it in your hearts to forgive him too. Everyone is deserving of forgiveness in this life.”

Avril clarified that she was not clout chasing and instead she was shedding light to those in abusive relationships, adding that the matter was now being handled with the relevant authorities and she was doing okay.

Breaking the silence, J Blessings shared a statement on his Instagram story. He expressed that he was sorry for hurting Avril. He then quickly clarified one of the photos that Avril had posted showing her bruised face.

According to the producer, one of the photos was from an altercation a year ago. He mentioned that in that moment of his weakness, they both hurt each other but upon realizing how hurt Avril was, he rushed her to the hospital.

J Blessings went on to clarify that the previous night before Avril posted the photos, they had an altercation but he did not beat her. He pointed out that he does not condone violence and neither considers himself violent.

“I am not an abuser, I do not support violence. I am a human being who has made mistakes in my life. Avril and I have agreed it is best for both of us to stay away from each other to prevent such incidents from happening again.”

The news of their turbulent relationship comes after other celebrities have shared about being in abusive relationships and opting to leave. Mitumba man recently shared that his girlfriend would physically assault him.

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Written by ERICK MAINA

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