White-Collar Job Kenyan Employees Embracing Side Hustles Amid Economic Crisis

Since the new government came into power, taxes have become the new normal for Kenyans. This has created a bigger rift between the rich and poor threatening to obliterate the middle class Kenyan completely.

Kenyans have had to adapt measures to sustain their lifestyle and most Kenyans are embracing side hustles to bring in another income. Using their monthly pay to invest in their newfound business.

With easy access to social media, starting a side hustle in Kenya has never been easier. Platforms like Meta and Instagram have created tools for businesses like promoting and advertising to get to your targeted consumers.

Small businesses no longer need to rent a whole shop instead they can opt to rent a shelf in CBD giving them central access to their customers, making them more trusted, and also giving ease to the business owner since the shop is run by a shopkeeper.

With as little as Ksh 5000, anyone can start a small business. With a good business plan and access to wholesale shops in Nairobi in places like Kamkunji, the money can bring back high returns leading to double the investment.

Others have embraced social media platforms as their side hustles. Making money from the content they post and getting paid by the respective platforms. At the same time, others have become influencers and are getting paid through brand collaborations.

For the Kenyans who are not entrepreneurial, investing in stocks and bonds or even doing online jobs like writing is an option they could consider. Selling your skills or even offering consultations is also highly marketable.

With the current economic state, it is unlikely that things will change for the better anytime soon. Diversifying your income is a sure way to prove yourself for the turbulent economic future.


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Written by Bushnell

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