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Julie Gichuru, Mark Masai, Vicky Rubadiri & Johnson Mwakazi To Tell A Story On How GOD Has Transformed Their Lifes

What is the importance of GOD in our life’s ? This is something that the following public figures will be sharing on when they meet together this Easter at Nairobi Baptist.

this is my story post

We have heard of how GOD has changed peoples life’s from a point of being in a hopeless situation to a point of living a faithful life in Christ. This is the same story-line that Julie Gichuru , Mark Masai , Carole Mandi , Johnson Mwakazi , Victoria Rubadiri and Julian Kyula will be sharing on this Easter.

For a fact many would never know if the names mentioned above are people who are born again but in true sense they believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of their stories would shock you at 1st when you hear them, but ultimately rather than leaving the place pertubed you will be left inspired on how GOD played a vital role in their life.

They will be hosted in a talk forum called “This Is My Story” that will take place this Easter on 12th April from 7-9pm at Nairobi Baptist Church. The host will be our lovely sister Kambua Mathu who will play the role facilitator in this case.

Entry is only Ksh. 1,000/=

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  1. There's nothing we have, that we haven't received. These testimonies, God gave to them free of charge, why shouldn't glorify the name of God by letting the world know the victory of God in the lives of the mentioned, instead you are milking fees from the audience, this panda mbegus never learn

  2. This should be free, charging people beats the purpose because the people who really need the message may not afford.

  3. Testimony is another way of spreading the word of the lord which should be at no single cost. how d u expect to win souls to Christ at a fee? imagine one stealing the money to come witness, which eventually will cost ones life? I would never miss it at no cost. God bless you

  4. The testimonies you sharing was given to you freely by Jehova,why charge poor christians ? lest Jehova take the gifts from you,indeed Jesus is coming soon,signs are all over.

  5. ooh God!! y r u charging?? ds shud b free, i ws very much glad dt i cud attend, bt da fee…… no need. u rcvd ds 4 free, y do u want 2 charge eti 1,000/= only da rich wl kam, bt ul av block da lyf of a poor 1 wo would av rcvd da testimonies and his/her lyf change completely!!! Y THIS?

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