Has Lovy Longomba Become a healer? Watch Video

Over 9 years ago celebrated singers The Longombas left the country to look for greener pastures in the USA. Since then Christian and Lovy – have released a few songs like Queen and What You Like.

Christian will continue to pursue his music and you will soon be seeing his songs. This comes after his recovery from a brain surgery to remove a tumour close to one and a half years ago. Lovy on the other hand is supposedly the lead pastor at the Revelation Church Of Jesus Christ based in California. The church has a young following drawn from different races.

About a month ago the church posted a video of Lovy praying for an elderly woman and healing her. Whether it is Lovy longomba or a look alike we will leave it to you to tell. watch the video below.

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Written by Eugene Cardus

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