Plans For You!! This Easter Weekend In The Gospel Scene

The moment of the year has come where we remember how Christ paid for our Sins when he died at the Cross. By that Act of  Love by Christ we were set free and Free in deed from Sin.

As 2 Corinthians 5:17 puts it : Therefore If Any One Is In Christ he is a new creation the old has passed Away Behold the New Has Come.  This was a true mark of Love from GOD by giving his only Son, for the sake of the world as John 3:16 puts it.

Finally Easter Is Here

The Gospel Scene apart from every one flocking in the church will also be a buzz and we have the following events for you.

events easter


Friday 29th March

Chillage At The Village Hosted By K-krew (village Market)


Club 316 Hosted by Genius Entertainment on Charter Hall 7pm.

club 316 Comedy

Sunday 31st March

The Story of My Life by Adawnage Band (Mamlaka Hill Chapel) 3-6pm


Tangaza Mwangaza by Mwanga Band ( Mombasa Pentecostal Church ) From 2pm-4pm

tangaza mwangaza

Cross Connekt Easter Edition Timers Restaurant Opposite G.p.o (2-6pm)
cross connekt easter edition 11


Talanta Awards Qatar performing Dj Mo, Scepta, DK Kwenye Beat and Mc Njugush. 29th-30th March.

talanta awards mo

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