To GOD Be The Glory!! Mateke Video By Size8 Hits 100,000 Views In One Month

Size 8 now changed her twitter handle to “Size 8 Reborn” made a shocker decision but the best decision she has ever made in her entire life by choosing Jesus.


To mark her salvation she also did a video, which is not just a normal video but a testimony of the life she lived. Now the amazing part is that the Video has just hit 100,000 views on youtube and this means :

100,000 people know that Christ is Alive

1000,000 people know that Jesus is the Answer

100,000 have renewed their relationship with GOD.

100,000 people know that Jesus is the Way The Truth And Life.

This video has passed her previous secular videos like with the highest getting 73,000 views in a year.

Here is the Video:

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