Would You Check Your Partners/Spouse’s Phone ?

A very good conversation that affects most relationship as a phone is the most private device of a partner in a relationship.

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Some would say why did we start dating if you would come to check my phone and investigate my personal life. That’s what I call a private eye!!

Others would say when you were single you were alone but now that we are dating/married we are one.

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A small study from Revetro Gadgetology found that younger dating couples check their partner’s cellphones without anyone’s knowledge. Why? For traces of cheating, lying or sexting, according to the survey. The hard data:

    • Under 25 and dating couples have the highest incidence of both checking cell phones without their partner’s knowledge (38%) and finding evidence to prove the accusations (10%);
    • Married couples have the lowest incidence of checking cell phones (36%) and discovering infidelity from said searches (3%);
    • Men and women check each other’s cell phones without consent about the same amount (30% and 33% respectively).

That is where my question comes in.  Is checking your partners phone right or wrong and if you check and don’t find any evidence of cheating are you the one cheating?

What do you think?

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