8-4-4 may soon pave way for new education system

The 8-4-4 system of education has been in the country for the past 31 years, which probably means most of us under the age of 35 years old have gone through this system since it was introduced in the year 1985 by the former president of Kenya Daniel Moi, However the system may soon change from 8-4-4 to 2-6-6-3 according to ghafla.

According to the new curriculum, students are expected to study for 2-years in pre-primary, 6-years primary, 6-years high school which will be 3-years in the junior secondary and 3-years in the senior secondary and 3 years in the higher education. The proposed education system was developed after the Needs Assessment Study for Curriculum Reforms study conducted by the Kenya Institution Curriculum Development (KICD).


The study sought the public’s opinion on the current education system and found that a good number of Kenyans want an education system that does not solely focus on examination but practical skills as well which allows learners to identify talent and uses teaching methods that are learner friendly.

Early education system will see to it that pupils acquire numeracy, reading and social skills. In the middle primary and lower secondary will have the pupils acquire general knowledge, practical skills, technology, values and pick a career at the end of the Junior Secondary School.

After transitioning to Upper secondary school, communication skills, critical thinking, technology and creativity will make up the curriculum.

if adopted, the last KCPE will administered in 2018 and the last KCSE in 2021 while the first secondary examinations (senior secondary) under the new system will be done in 2023.

Written by Eugene Cardus

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