9 Things Guys Don’t Like In A Lady

So what are the Nine Things That A Guy Will Not Like In A Woman?

9 Things Guys Don't Like In  A Lady
9 Things Guys Don’t Like In A Lady

Lets look at eight reasons that a normal guy will not like from a lady. We look at 99% of guys.

1. Being All Over Him (Too Clingy)

Most men will not like to have a girl who is always all over them every hour or minute they are always calling texting. Some guys need the space to work so if you don’t respect that space then you will put the guy off.

Not implying that you should not check on the spouse but at times when they say they are working you need to understand him.

 2.A Shop-o-holic

Addictions are detrimental to any relationship. Shopping is no exception. If you want to see your man loose his cool, reckless spending is a sure fire way.

3.When She Always Takes Her Time

No one likes to wait for things. Most guys understand that it takes longer for a girl to get ready than it does for a guy but it’s just inconsiderate to make your date wait every time you’re going to go out somewhere.

4.When A Lady Act Too Jealous

Keep in mind that there is a reason he is with you. He chose you when he could have chosen someone else therefore their no reason to be jealous just because he had a short conversation with another girl.

We think Tanni Sattar said it best “someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they’ll never be you.

5.A Lady Who Likes To Gossip

The worst thing that a guy would not like to see in a lady is the act of gossiping. I guy would not like to hear about another person or girl because they decided to be with you and not them. Even the Bible says :

Ephesians 4:29 – Watch what you say

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear.

6.A Lady Who Doesn’t Listen

You can not have a conversation with some one who does not listen because their would not be any conversation. If their is only one version of a story in an argument then its not an argument. Let their be listening and speaking.

7. Being The “Guy” In The Relationship

A man or guy will not always love a lady who is in control of the relationship. A lady who decides what you will wear, where you will go out and also what you must buy for her. The guy needs to make decisions in the relationship if its the other way round then theirs a problem.

8. When She Can’t Take A Joke

Having a great sense of humor is part of what makes life worth living. If you’re always serious, your guy is going to get sick of that pretty quick. Everyone has a silly side and ladies, it’s okay to show yours.

9. She Doesn’t Have Respect.

A guy would like a girl who has respect for hims and also respect for herself .

A Lady who respects the guy is a good lady and also a lady who respects her body is a better lady. But the best Lady is one who Loves GOD.

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