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Why you need a sponsor

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and she mentioned that someone told her that it was okay to have a sponsor as long as you use the money wisely by investing it well. My question is, is it really worth it?. I mean everybody needs money but why earn it and loose your dignity?

I know, I know this topic is now such a cliche’ because of the many times it has been talked about but the fact that it has been talked about a lot means it is such a problem. If I were in a position to, I would urge the United Nations, AMREF, European Union, World Bank and those who matter to declare this a national calamity.

According to the dictionary a sponsor is “a person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another, in particular” but the term sponsor has been been changed to a whole other level simply covering up the ideal of them being called “sugar daddies and Mummies”.

The so called “Sponsors” are basically older people who give younger people money or expensive lifestyles in exchange for sexual favours. Some may claim it is love but truth be told we know its all about the money and a whole lot of lust.


Again lets look at the other side of it, why do sponsors get “sponsees”. One could be for the fun of it, for companionship for he or she maybe lonely, it maybe to proof a point etc. whatever maybe the reason I believe it is so wrong. If they are sponsoring someone and expecting nothing in return then God bless you but if you are expecting sexual favours in return you ought to really re-evaluate your life.

I know what I just wrote may or may not change someone’s perception but I know it will certainly stick in their minds.

Written by Eugene Cardus

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