Top Hairstylist of Roots Salon Calls On D.P RUTO to Apologize For Calling Them ‘Mere Hair Dressers’.

Renowned hair dresser has come out to ask the Deputy President of Kenya to apologize for calling hair dressers mere, this is after the D.P called Kabura, the lady being questioned about the NYS corruption scandal, a mere hair dresser.
Steve took to facebook to ask the Deputy President to apologize and respect these “mere hairdressers” because they contribute in building the economy of the nation. This is what he said:

“I want DP Ruto to apologize on thinking and saying that “mere hairdresser ” and thinking that we cannot make money like he did .he should know that 16billion ksh is generated to this country by this MERE BUSINESS annually , Iam not defending kafura or any thing of short.all I want from you mr DP is to PUT RESPECKT ON US.”


Written by Eugene Cardus

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